Marketing Automation – Hubspot vs. Mautic

Grow Your Business Through Marketing Automation – Hubspot vs. Mautic

What is marketing automation and why is it so important for you and your business?

Have you ever watched a video on social media and noticed how your feed adapts and starts showing you related videos? Or maybe you start seeing ads or even get emails about related topics or products? Ever been to a website to check prices on a particular product and then start receiving messages or maybe even an email asking you why you did not purchase the product and offering alternative products or solutions?

This is what marketing automation does – it literally automates marketing activities for you and your business. Many companies are now using marketing automation softwares to do repetitive tasks such as email, social media, or even website action.

This is important for your business as it can help nurture your funnel, convert your leads, and directly impact your bottom line.

There are multiple products in the market right now that offer marketing automation. In this instance, we would like to compare two that are highly relevant in the market – Hubspot and Mautic.

The primary reason we want to look at these two platforms is because both are highly viable options, well-recommended and can arguably be considered leaders in the industry.

Straight off the bat, the best marketing automation software for you and your business will depend on your business needs and particular situation. On a basic level, both platforms are highly capable of performing the expected result – automating your marketing activities.

Hubspot is proprietary and is designed as an all-in-one solution for your inbound marketing and sales automation. Given that, it offers industry leading training and support on an easy-to-use interface that even entry-level marketers can be comfortable with. It allows you to build your own landing pages even with minimal IT support and has a large community that offers 24/7 support.

Because of its proprietary nature and design, it offers limited customisation and integration capabilities and is locked under a 12 month contract.

Mautic on the other hand is an open-source marketing automation platform. It offers a complete, feature-rich product that you can download and implement with no upfront costs. It is highly customisable and can be configured to integrate with your existing technology stack as well as close integration capabilities with other open-source technologies such as WordPress.

Being open-source means you will likely need IT support to set it up and configure. It can also introduce a steep learning curve for non-tech savvy marketers and can have slower support times as it has a smaller community that backs it up.

Either way, both platforms are viable options depending on your current situation, team capabilities, and business needs. Marketing automation is such an important factor in the success of your business and depending on your specific needs, you might find that one of these platforms can exponentially help you with your marketing.